As always DC, an excellent overall summary of pluses and minuses. Many are seeing next season as the best hope for getting the next national championship. I see it as a question mark season because of the consistent , day in, day out on-the-floor health of: in order 1) Bueckers, 2) Fudd, 3)Griffin 4) Ducharme and 5) Brady. That's a whole heckuva lot of question marks. These injuries are not strains or a pulled muscle. They are all serious injuries. Most teams may have one or two health concerns on their starting five to seven roster. UConn has five! Every game, every practice will be times when we all collectively hold our breath when one of them hesitates after a hard hit or falls to the floor and doesn't get back up quickly. It will be important for the backup players and incoming recruits to get the right exposure but also when called upon to have the skills and temperament to step up if and when needed. All Husky fans will be there to cheer this team on but at same time will be holding our breath when any of them are fouled or twist awkwardly. Here's hoping for the best.

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As D R writes below - great post script to a year the likes of which none of us want to see again - especially the players who came into 2022 with smiles & high-5's and left with chagrin.

I will make one more plea for Geno to "develop" a bench in 2023/24 ... not just assert that some one(s) are not doing well in practice. Geno - dude (I can call ya' that 'cause I'm 5 years older) you gave these high-quality/high-functioning athletes a full ride to UConn. It's your responsibility to the team, the kids, the fans and the freaking Uni to do whatever it takes to help them reach their potential. And sitting them until the last 2 minutes of the game sends the opposite message - triple forte.

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A question on the transfer portal: is anyone coming to UCONN? As for leaving UCONN, one could argue DeBerry would leave to find playing time somewhere else. And will Ines (who I will always adore for the Princeton game) ever get a chance to play behind Paige, Nika and all the freshman? Could make the case she would enter.

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where is the center???

for 8 years we are looking for a center??

why we can t get one??




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Thanks DC, that was a great summary. Considering all that, they overachieved. Think LSU without Reese or Iowa without Clark would have done as well? And that's only removing one player.

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