Switching subjects here’s a couple of questions for the group:

There’s much to accomplish if it wants to take over as THE women’s collegiate basketball program but it looks like Mulkey has become the Auriemma of the 80’s/90’s and has embarked on making LSU as the dynasty that UConn held onto for decades. How did this happen? It happened from a coach who has fire in her gut kind of reminds you of the Auriemma of old. (No matter if you like her or not, just watch her on the sidelines and tell me she doesn’t command -and get - respect from her players - and officials?)

On paper at least with the transfers of VanLith from Louisville and Morrow from DePaul along with the returning starters from last year, LSU clearly looks to be the consensus favorite #1.

1. Will UConn be able to match up?

2. Has the transfer portal and NIL changed the landscape so that UConn no longer is considered the premier team that recruits want to go to?

3. Has UConn WBB been replaced?

4. Is UConn WBB destined to repeat it’s record or like the great men’s teams of UCLA under Wooden are we witnessing the end of a dynasty to be replaced by an LSU, SC and others like Duke, KY, NC and KS replaced UCLA in MBB after Wooden retired?

5. Post Auriemma who would you see as someone able to restore &/or retain UConn WBB dominance?

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Brilliant, Megs - just brilliant. Thank you. And, wrt Dorka's time in MN - it probably helps that she's used to cold weather?

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