Introducing the UConn WBB Weekly Premium

We're launching a new outlet dedicated to bringing you the best UConn women's basketball coverage every single week of the year.

UConn women’s basketball season is over but our coverage of the team keeps going. We are proud to announce the launch of UConn WBB Weekly Premium, a new endeavor dedicated to bringing you the best coverage of the Huskies every single week of the year.

Led by me (Daniel Connolly) – whose work you may know from this newsletter along with The UConn Blog, Storrs Central, and the Chasing Perfection Podcast – alongside photo and video extraordinaire Ian Bethune, and basketball expert Megan Gauer, we have a staff that knows the program inside and out.

Why subscribe?

Few programs around the country are as well-covered as UConn women’s basketball, which means there are a lot of places to get your fix of the Huskies. But with the Weekly Premium, you’ll get unique stories, insights, and analysis about UConn that you won’t get anywhere else.

For $6/month (or $70 for the entire year), you’ll get:

  • The Film Room, where each week, we’ll highlight a player or strategy so you learn more about how this great program operates.

  • In-depth recruiting coverage with news, interviews with prospects, and more.

  • Features and stories about former UConn players in the WNBA and in the Olympics.

  • Statistical recaps and breakdowns.

  • A monthly mailbag Q&A where you can ask your burning questions about the team.

  • The Chasing Perfection Podcast, which drops weekly during the season and once every two weeks during the offseason.

Once the new season gets underway, we’ll have even more premium coverage around games!

If you want to go above and beyond, you can become a founding member for $140/year. With that, you’ll get:

  • A shoutout in the Weekly on Thursdays

  • A t-shirt from our Championship Collection

  • A free edition of our next project, a semi-annual UConn WBB print magazine

Join here!

From 2019: An interview with Nika Mühl prior to her commitment at the 2019 Final Four, the type of coverage you’d be getting the Weekly Premium.

Stay informed, better than ever before

UConn fans are some of the most informed and tuned-in supporters in the country. This is an opportunity to know the team even better than you already do.

The Film Room will help you feel like an expert on the entire roster before UConn even plays its first game. Our recruiting news and notes will keep you up to date on future Huskies while our WNBA coverage will help you closely follow former Huskies after they leave Storrs.

With the monthly mailbag Q&A’s, you’ll have your questions answered by our team of experts and get to know us better as well. We want this to be two-way dialogue with fans and readers so that you can have a say in what you’re reading and join in on the discussion around the team. 

We’ve had great success with the launch of The UConn Hockey Hub – our premium UConn men’s hockey coverage – and hope we can build another strong community here.

Support local journalism

Over the last few seasons, nearly all the content you’ve gotten from us has been free, whether it be stories on The UConn Blog or Storrs Central, the Chasing Perfection Podcast, or even the newsletter every Thursday.

By becoming a premium member, you’ll help ensure all that coverage sticks around and keeps getting better.

I began covering UConn women’s basketball when I was a senior in high school and just finished my sixth season as a beat writer. I started this as a fun hobby during my college years. Now, I want to make it my full-time job. This subscription offering can help make that a reality.

I was born in Connecticut and grew up here. I’ve followed the Huskies my entire life and went to UConn. I pride myself on knowing the team, the program, and most importantly, the fanbase inside and out. You won’t just be subscribing to some anonymous company, you’ll be subscribing to my coverage and the work of our team members.

My senior column: Goodbye Storrs, the town I loved so well

Still not sold?

If you’re on the fence about subscribing, the first week of premium will be free so that you can see the amount of coverage you’ll get before joining.

Even if you don’t subscribe, you’ll still get the free Weekly every Thursday as you have for the last nine months and we’ll also be moving our podcast, Chasing Perfection, onto the Weekly as well.

Some highlights of our coverage: